Welcome to Swansea Cable Access Television

Swansea Cable Access Television is a multimedia production center that is dedicated to producing and sharing content for the residents of Swansea and to empower residents to become active creators of local content.
Since 2005 Swansea Cable Access Television has been producing and creating content for the community that spans across three channels

Channel 9- Education:

This channel is specifically designated for educational programming and is dedicated to performances, sporting events, concerts and other content that involves Swansea Public Schools. The channel is also dedicated to showcase student work and student based programming.

Channel 15- Government:

This channel has everything to do with government programming and is home to government meetings ( Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Finance Committee, School Committee, Town Meetings). It is also host to programming created by the Swansea Cable Access Staff.

Channel 98- Public Access:

This channel is dedicated to local programming done by the community. Shows that have been created to keep the community entertained and informed are found on this channel.